Does Google Nest Work with Amazon Alexa Echo

Does Nest Work With Alexa? How To Make Amazon Echo Work With Nest

We’re in a busy world. Everyone has duties and obligations to perform at work and home. Sometimes we get too busy to turn the music on because we have to get up to do that. Also, setting the alarm and turning on the radio for weather updates while also trying to get dressed and make breakfast can be overwhelming.

How about I tell you about a device that makes your day and schedules more relaxing and smooth? A product that wakes you up and tells you all you need to know while you prepare for work? Sure, you’re interested. Let me introduce to you, Alexa and Google Nest. 

Nest and Alexa

Nest is a brand name for home automated products. The brand was originally owned by Nest Labs ten years ago. It, however, belongs to Google now. The first nest product is the Nest learning thermostat, which was introduced in 2011. 

This device is self-training, programmable, sensor-driven, and Wi-Fi enabled, just like the other products produced by Nest. The other products include Nest cam indoor, Nest cam outdoor, Nest cam IQ, Nest secure, Nest Hello, and Nest Wi-Fi. 

Nest operated independently of Google till 2018 when it merged into Google home devices. In 2019, Nest products were being marketed under the new brand name, Google Nest.

Google nest became the brand name for Google smart home products, which includes Smart speakers, thermostat, streaming devices, smart displays, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, routers, home security systems, smart doorbells, cameras, and smart locks. 

On the other hand, Amazon Alexa is a virtual assistant A1 technology developed by Amazon. The product can set alarms, make a to-do list, stream podcasts, play audiobooks, and so much more. What’s more, it is voice-enabled. Alexa can control several other smart devices, using itself as a home automation system.

Most devices used with Alexa are activated by using a wake-word or voice command such as “Alexa.”

What Can Alexa Do? 

Alexa has numerous functions, most of which are out-of-the-box. Its functions include setting time, creating lists, and giving traffic updates. Also, Alexa listens to commands and performs the necessary actions needed to answer the question or command.

It has a question-answering ability powered (partly) by Wolfram language technology, which gathers data from converting sound waves to text, and then generates suitable answers. 

Alexa performs other users-enabled or customized functions, such as “Question of the day,” “Tune in live,” for live sports events and news, “Sleep and relaxation sounds” for relaxing music. You can also use Alexa to send and receive messages, make conference calls, and schedule meetings. 

Alexa’s home automation feature makes it possible to interact with devices from other manufacturers like IFTTT, Insteon, Nest, among others. So in case you’ve been wondering if Alexa works with other devices, now you know it does. Good news, right? 

Alexa Supported Devices

Alexa can be connected to devices such as smart speakers (Amazon echo is considered to be the best), TVs, Media boxes, Phones and Tablets, Laptops, Desktops, Automotive, Earphones, Wearables, Smart home appliances. 

Alexa set-up 

  • Download the Alexa app 
  • Plug in the Echo (speaker) 
  • Connect the Echo to Wi-Fi through the app
  • Talk to Alexa using the wake word “Alexa”.
  • To know if you’ve connected the Echo properly, try asking a question and have Alexa respond. 

Does Nest work with Alexa? 

Yes. Thanks to Alexa’s home automation feature, it can work with several other devices. Among these is Nest. 

How do you make Amazon Echo work with Nest? 

If you own a Google Nest smart product, you’ll have to connect your Nest device to the app. Then, you can begin to control it with your voice via Alexa. For instance, you can connect your Nest thermostat to Alexa and control it just by asking Alexa to change the temperature of your home.

You can also use your Nest camera to ask Alexa to show you videos from your Nest device. If it’s a Nest Cam indoor, you get to see the inside of your home, and if it’s Nest cam outdoor, like the video doorbell, you get to see the outside of your home and who is at the door. 

Setting up Alexa with Nest

  • Open the Alexa app on your mobile phone
  • Tap the menu button
  • Select smart home devices
  • Search for the Nest product skill you want to enable, e.g., Nest thermostat 
  • Tap enable
  • Link your Nest account with Alexa
  • Ask Alexa to discover your devices.

Note that you must be the owner of the Nest device. This is because you will need to say your Nest device name when giving a voice command, as Alexa will require you to say it. Also, this will help prevent connection troubles. 

Pros and Cons of Amazon Echo 


  • It is hands-free. With Amazon Echo, you can do basic tasks without picking up your computer, tablet, or phone.
  • With  Amazon Echo you can adjust lights, thermostats, and control switches
  • Messaging and calls: You can call your friends and family. 
  • Perfect bluetooth pairing
  • You can watch videos, see music lyrics, view pictures, and so much more 
  • Amazon Echo lets you start and end alarms and timers.
  • No subscription charges


  • Software device update usually takes time.
  • No home privacy. Neighbors can easily detect who is home by listening to your conversations with Alexa. 
  • Amazon echo speaks English only
  • Echo’s sound performance is not impressive

Take Away

The Amazon Echo is a convenient home assistant that does fundamental and often normal tasks. Echo’s voice recognition technology is excellently designed and very reliable, enabling you to manage the Echo by using your voice. 

Certainly, Amazon Echo might have few negatives, in the end, the Echo attempts to improve and do better

So you can sit back, relax, and let Alexa change the channel or music each time. You can even stream songs online, from Amazon and Spotify. Everybody wins! 


Can you use Nest thermostat with Alexa?

Yes. Control the Nest Thermostat with your voice by using Alexa voice assistant.

Can you change Alexa’s voice?

Yes. You can change Alexa’s accent or choose another language on the Amazon Echo speaker.

Is nest like Alexa?

Google Nest is nearly as universal as Alexa in terms of smart home integrations.

How can I fix an unresponsive Alexa device?

  • Open the Alexa app and locate the smart home section
  • Switch on the bulb for 3 to 5 seconds and then switch off for 3 to 5 seconds.
  • Restart the discovery and put on the bulb.

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