Best Smart Toys for Kids with Autism

5 Best Smart Toys for Kids with Autism: Reviews & Buying Guide

It’s no news that kids with autism play and learn in a way that is quite different from their peers. The way they interact and communicate is also very different from all others. As a result, different strategies have been employed to identify what works best for them. In the 21st-century world, this ultimately means utilizing digital play tools above all else. 5 best smart toys for autistic kids are highlighted below.

1. Calming Autism Sensory LED Light Projector

1. Calming Autism Sensory LED Light Projector

This sensory device is perfect for calming the nerves when your kid is upset. It is designed to emit soothing colors that light up their room and they can sit and stare at it for long hours. It also sets a relaxed mood and is a great help with bedtime.

Key Features:

  • Projects relaxing shape-shifting patterns in your bedroom
  • Built-in speaker to enjoy soothing and relaxing music
  • Also perfect for festive decorations and other special occasions

2. YoYa Toys Liquipen

This liquid motion novelty pen provides the perfect way to keep your kids occupied for hours on end. It is particularly awesome for autistic kids since it comes with motion bubblers in different colors for each of the three pens included in the pack. They are fascinating to watch, hone in on creative ability and write very well too!

Key Features:

  • Each pen writes in a different color
  • Aids longer periods of focus and relaxation
  • Perfect size for kids to hold

3. LCD Writing Tablet

3. LCD Writing Tablet

If you’re looking to cultivate your child’s creative ability and improve focus, this LCD writing tablet is the ideal choice. It is like an endless sheet of paper that can be scribbled on over and over again. Writing and doodles can be erased at the touch of a button with little or no power required.

Key Features:

  • Convenient and practical
  • Eye protection
  • Safe and portable

4. D-FantiX Magic Rainbow Ball

4. D-FantiX Magic Rainbow Ball

This is a color matching puzzle that helps improve focus and logical thinking ability in kids. It is very engaging and can provide hours of fun for your kids as they figure out how to get the balls into their matching slots. It is also tailored to sharpen hand-brain coordination and improve color sensitivity.

Key Features:

  • Fun and easy to play with
  • Suitable for adults as a fidget toy
  • Improves hand flexibility

5. Osmo – Genius Kit for Fire Tablet

5. Osmo – Genius Kit for Fire Tablet

The Osmo Genius Kit enables your child to learn in a fun and engaging manner. This model is packed with fun-filled learning games that interact with handheld objects and a fire tablet. With this device, your kids can learn spelling and counting in a very fun way.

Key Features:

  • Improves creativity and imagination
  • Osmo base for Fire tablets
  • Unique blend of tactile exploration and innovative technology

Buying Guide

Often times, kids with the autism spectrum find it uncomfortable when faced with unexpected situations and sensory experiences. Consequently, the decision on what toys to get them could prove to be a tough one since you do not want to upset them with loud sounds or bright lights.

Studies have shown that calming and sensory toys are very enjoyable once it is in line with their interests, as opposed to other toys. You’ll want to keep your child calm and occupied for longer periods while putting their mental development into consideration. This can be a nerve wrecking job, and so we’ve outlined some salient points for consideration below.

Calm and Focus

This is the primary feature you want to consider. The daily experiences of kids with the autism spectrum have proven to be very tiring, and so you need to ensure that you take steps to keep them calm for a longer period. Toys with a soothing feel are highly recommended, as well as calming lights to help with bedtime activities so they can settle down easily.


You’d agree that kids with the autism spectrum have a level of developmental ability that’s different from their peers. It is therefore important to choose toys that would help hone their skills in this regard. Select toys that boost the learning process, improve logical thinking, and also help with fine motor skills in hand-brain coordination.

Sensory toys

Most autistic kids enjoy playing with sensory toys. They have the ability to hold their attention for a long period of time and can be good distractions when you are occupied with other things. Depending on your child’s interests, you may choose to go for visually interesting toys or cause and effect toys.

Movement and balance

These are necessary developmental skills that need to be improved in autistic kids. Your choice of toys should encourage active play and increase coordination while having fun at the same time. Motor toys are recommended for gross motor development.

Frequently Asked Questions

What smart toys can a kid with the autism spectrum play with?

The ideal smart toys are toys that can hold focus for long periods and help improve developmental ability.

Should a child with the autism spectrum be allowed to play with smart toys alone?

This depends on the type of toy. Supervision might be needed for the first time the toy is introduced.

What kind of digital games can a child with the autism spectrum play?

Games that stimulate increased brain activity are highly recommended for children with autism. For example, logical thinking games and learning activities.

What sensory toys are the best?

The best sensory toys are those that can engage your child’s attention both physically and cognitively by stimulating any of the five senses.

Do I need to take note of my child’s motor skills?

Definitely. You should look to improve fine motor and balancing skills with the aid of sensory toys that are designed to that effect.

Are loud toys good for kids with the autism spectrum?

No. Loud toys are not a good idea for kids with autism because they find it overwhelming.


Every kid loves getting a new toy, that’s for sure. However, while selecting gifts for children with the autism spectrum, you should also ensure that you map out ways by which quality time is spent with the family. Enough quality time should be spent in playing games and effective communication. Patience and a great deal of empathy is required in dealing with these kids, and it is highly cost-effective too! 

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