Best Wi Fi Thermostats That Dont Require C Wire Reviews Buying Guide

5 Best Wi-Fi Thermostats That Don’t Require C-Wire: Reviews & Buying Guide

A thermostat is a device that helps you regulate the temperature in your home. Today, there are smart thermostats that let you do this without stress. Thermostats that come with a C-wire can be complex to manipulate and install. To avoid this, you can always buy a smart thermostat with a built-in battery that saves you from all this stress. Let’s take a look at the best options.

 5 Best-Selling Wi-Fi Thermostats That Don’t Require C-Wire

Reviews of 5 Top Rated Wi-Fi Thermostats That Don’t Require C-Wire

1. Emerson Sensi Smart Thermostat

Emerson Sensi WiFi Smart ( Alexa, Energy Star Certified, ST55)
Product Highlights:
  • editors choice best value smart thermostat by usa today’s
  • save about 23% on hvac energy*: the energy star certified sensi thermostat helps you save on your hvac energy costs, with features like geofencing, 7-day flexible scheduling, remote access and in-app system usage.
  • most install in 30 minutes or less**: use the built-in level and step-by-step app instructions for a quick installation. skip any extra work painting or patching the wall thanks to the standard thermostat size.
  • smart home compatible: works with amazon alexa, google assistant, apple homekit (c-wire required), and samsung smartthings smart home platforms.
  • usage reports: monitor current day and historical heating, cooling and fan runtimes right in the app.

Emerson Sensi smart thermostat is one of the most recommended thermostats. It can save a lot of energy from HVAC systems. It can be installed in 30 minutes or less.

Key Features:

  • It is extensively compatible with most HVAC systems. 
  • It can monitor current and historical heating and cooling patterns and adjust accordingly.
  • It is fully compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Samsung smart system.

2. HoneyWell Home Thermostat

Honeywell Home RTH7600D 7Day ( Thermostat, Small, White, 1-pack)
Product Highlights:
  • 7-day menu-driven programming with 4 periods per day
  • large backlit touchscreen display shows current room temperature and set point simultaneously
  • smart response technology allows the thermostat to learn the amount of time a system needs to reach a desired temperature and adjusts accordingly
  • auto change from heat to cool
  • includes change reminders for filters and low batteries

This thermostat is small and not difficult to handle. It is easily programmable. It has a seven-day setup for future projections for your temperature needs.

Key Features:

  • It has a Smart Response Technology for the thermostat to properly adjust itself to the time needed to reach the desired temperature. 
  • Auto change system to automatically change from heating to cooling
  • It includes reminders for filters and low batteries

3. Ecobee4 Smart Thermostat

Ecobee SmartThermostat Smart Thermostat ( Voice Control, Black)
Product Highlights:
  • place smartsensor in the most important room, like your bedroom, child’s room, or office to keep it the perfect temperature
  • smart home & away detects your presence and automatically adjusts the temperature for comfort when you’re home and reduced energy use when you’re away
  • time of use cools or heats your home during times when energy is less expensive without impacting comfort
  • named “best overall smart thermostat” by tom’s guide
  • take control of your temperature from anywhere with the ecobee app

This thermostat is an excellent choice. It comes with a room sensor. It also comes with a built-in Alexa application. 

Key Features:

  • It has a room sensor to balance the temperature of the room where it is kept. 
  • It can be easily adjusted from anywhere using your smartphone.
  • It comes with an installation guide that makes it easy to install.

4. Honeywell Home T9 WIFI Smart

Honeywell Home T9 WIFI ( Display, Alexa And Google Assist)
Product Highlights:
  • help save energy. see your energy use in the monthly energy report, and help save even more with a schedule that adapts to your lifestyle, and by connecting with your utility efficiency program.
  • auto home and away mode. adjust your thermostat from anywhere with your mobile device, or let your home automatically react to your schedule with geofencing.
  • multi-room focus. add smart room sensors to focus the temperature on multiple rooms for comfort where it matters to you. (sensors sold separately). wire configuration - 4-wire. supports wi-fi 802.11 b/g/n 2.4 and 5 ghz
  • smart response and alerts. intelligently learns your home’s heating and cooling patterns to deliver the right temperature at the right time, and sends you filter and temperature alerts.
  • smarter, simpler setup. everything you need comes in the box, including a power adapter so that the t9 works in most homes. the t9 intuitively identifies your home’s heating and cooling type, making it easy to do it yourself.

This thermostat is screen touch-enabled. It can connect to Wi-Fi. It can also be operated using a smartphone application. 

Key Features:

  • Screen touch-enabled
  • It has multiple-use compatibility to control more than one HVAC system. 
  • It has a smart response alert to learn and replicate your home heating and cooling system patterns

5. HoneyWell Color Thermostat

Honeywell Home RTH9585WF1004 WiFi ( Touch Screen, Energy Star, Alexa Ready)
Product Highlights:
  • comfort comes in your color. personalize your wi-fi smart color programmable thermostat to fit your décor.
  • your schedule. your way. flexible programming options for your schedule or utility company’s peak rate pricing.
  • easy operation and intuitive. bright, easy-to-read touchscreen makes for simple operation.
  • weather screen features. view the daily forecast on the screen, and check indoor and outdoor humidity.
  • easy-to-use-app. choose from the total connect comfort app or the honeywell home app to control your wifi thermostat anytime, anywhere.

This thermostat comes with a built-in Alexa. It also has an energy star. It is compatible with Wi-Fi.

Key Features:

  • It has a fully colored customizable touchscreen with easy to read features.
  • It has flexible programming options for both home and business environments.
  • Receives smart alert for humidifiers, reminders and pad replacements 

Buying Guide

Smart thermostats are becoming essential home management items, especially in places where temperature can become extreme. Thermostats can both warm and cool your home, depending on the current temperature. Thermostats can also help you reduce your energy bill significantly. Smart thermostats can connect to the internet via Wi-Fi so that you can change the temperature setting in your home through the mobile application, wherever you are. Here are a few things to consider when buying a smart thermostat.

1. The type of Your HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and AC) System

There are different types of HVAC systems. A lot of these systems are compatible with regular thermostats. However, when it is a smart thermostat, there might be some variation. Not all HVAC supports all types of thermostats. Also, if you have a different heating and cooling system, you might want to put that into consideration. Always check the buying guide as well as the distributor, just to be sure.  

2. Installation

A smart thermostat should not be difficult to install. There should be a comprehensive but easy to understand the method of installation for the thermostat. This should be included in the package. There should also be clear pictorial illustrations. Most smart thermostats are programmable; hence the method of programming should also be appropriately illustrated. 

3. Sensors 

Thermostats with sensors perform many functions. Some thermostats come with motion and proximity sensors. In a home where the majority of users have smartphones, they can help you decide if there is an occupant in the house or not. They can also tap into your home security system and can aid how you secure your home. When buying a smart thermostat, it is advisable to purchase one with sensors, especially if you have already set up a smart security system for your home. 

4. Smart-home system integration

All smart thermostats come with a built-in application to enable you control it with a smartphone or tablet. There are some with exceptional designs that let you integrate it with other smart-home devices and broader smart-home systems. This can allow you to adjust the temperature with a voice command through an Amazon Echo or Google Home digital assistant. It can also be linked to the smoke detector so that your fan can be automatically turned off in the case of fire detection and prevent the spread of smoke in your house. 

5. User interface

Learning to use or program thermostat systems should be easy. The user face should be user friendly. You don’t want to be staring at strange figures on the wall when you just want your house to be warmer or cooler. A smart thermostat should convey important information at a single glance and be adaptable. 

Frequently Asked Question

Do Wi-Fi thermostats work without Wi-Fi?

Yes. The thermostat will continue to control your heating and/or cooling system without a Wi-Fi network. The lyric connector will simply connect to your Wi-Fi once it comes back on.

How hard is it to install a smart thermostat?

The level of difficulty depends on whether or not you already have the necessary installation wires. If you do, it should be easy. If you don’t, or you have only a heating system and only heating, you will need more wires or an adapter.

Where can I get help with thermostat wiring?

All major smart thermostat manufacturers include wiring assistance through a website, a hotline, or both. You can also find an installation guide on YouTube.

Are smart thermostats compatible with Alexa?

Most of the most popular smart thermostats are now compatible with Amazon’s voice-controlled assistant, “Alexa,” as well as other voice-controlled home assistants.

What is the average installation time for a smart thermostat? 

An excellent smart thermostat should be able to be installed within 30 to 45 minutes.


Having a smart thermostat in your home is one of the most energy-efficient decisions you can make in your home. If you already have a sophisticated security system, a smart thermostat can add that little bit of help even if its primary function isn’t security. A smart thermostat will save you the stress of having to work through tedious installation systems for a manual thermostat. No matter how much it costs, it is always a financially wise decision, especially if it lasts for more than a few years. 

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