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5 Best Outdoor Flood Light – Motion Sensor, Solar Powered

In today’s world, a lot of people are becoming intentional about their security. Motion sensor outdoor floodlights are special type of lights that perform double functions. They illuminate your outdoor environment and give away unwelcome intruders. They can also be used to decorate the outdoors. Here are some options to consider when buying an outdoor motion sensor floodlight.  

 5 Best-Selling Outdoor Flood Light


 Reviews of 5 Top Rated Outdoor Flood Light

1. GLORIOUS-LITE Solar Security Light

GLORIOUSLITE Solar Security Light ( Adjustable Heads For Backyard, Pathway And Patio)
Product Highlights:
  • solar-powered & super bright: the solar outdoor lights is solar-powered, produces up to 1500 lumens super bright light and good heat dissipation. using 3000mah lithium-ion rechargeable battery, the solar security light saves electricity bill by converting the sunlight into electricity and stores in daytime. it lights up when sense motion at night.the amorphous silicon solar panel is with 15ft cord for easy installation. please put the solar panel in place where sunlight is sufficient &available.
  • ip65 waterproof: ip65 waterproof rating solar flood light outdoor ensures that your 2 head outdoor solar security lights fixture or outdoor lights can withstand rain, sleet or snow weather. as motion security lights, it's perfect for entryways, stairs, yard, workshops, fence, patio, play court, garden, lawn and other outdoor sites or area lighting requirements.
  • motion sensor & adjustable design: the solar motion lights provide maximum of 180 degree sensing range and up to 49ft sensing distance. both light heads are easy to move and adjust, the pir sensor head is flexible for different angles to satisfy your needs. please make sure there are no other ambient ray/ infrared light around or point to the sensor head.
  • 3 convenient modes: test/on/auto modes to meet your different lighting needs. test mode only for testing before using in the house and lights up for 5-6 seconds. on mode means normally on, the light will stay on about 1 hour after full charge. auto mode is when the light sense the motion, it lights up from 30 seconds to 2 minutes(max) according to the pre-setting.
  • glorious-lite solar security lighting warranty: we offers 12-month warranty for every customer. if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us. we are here to help!

This light is solar powered. It can produce brightness up to 1500 lumen. It has a nice heat dissipation system. 

Key features:

  • It has an IP65 water resistant rating that makes it able to withstand rain
  • It has an adjustable design that allows it to cover up to 180 degrees.
  • It has an amorphous silicon solar panel that is easily installed.

2. GLORIOUS-LITE Solar LED Security Light

GLORIOUSLITE Solar Security Light ( Waterproof Flood Light For Backyard, Pathway & Patio)
Product Highlights:
  • solar powered & energy saving: no extra electric cost and environment friendly. with full charged battery, the security light can be lasting 50 mins lighting, producing up to 1600 lumen brightness. built-in 2400mah lithium-ion battery, which is rechargeable by amorphous silicon solar panel with 15ft cord(upgraded polycrystalline silicon solar panel, charging faster and using longer).
  • upgraded motion sensor: with sensing distance 0-72ft max & lighting time 0-120 seconds max (stepless adjustment). the security sensor light can sense people, animal, people in car etc.
  • ip65 waterproof solar security light: ip65 waterproof rating ensures the security light can withstand rain, sleet or snow weather, perfectly as a outdoor flood light for the safety of your family.
  • upgraded materials & professional design: glorious-lite security motion sensor lights powered by samsung led bead and supported by professional optical designed filter lens. adjustable desgin, support for garage, porch, yard lighting etc.
  • easy installation: the solar motion security light can be easily mounting on wall through simple steps in the manual. support wall, eave, soffit mounting. when mounting on eave/soffit, please make sure motion sensor face outwards. note: please make sure the solar panel is under sufficient or direct sunlight.

This solar led security light is environmentally friendly. It can last up to 50 minutes of lighting. Its intensity is up to 1600 lumen

Key features:

  • It has an upgraded motion sensor that senses movement up to 72ft away
  • Powered by Samsung LED bead and has professional filter lenses for spotting objects
  • It has an IP65 water resistant rating that makes it able to withstand rain

3. Ameritop Outdoor Solar Light

Solar Lights Outdoor AmeriTop ( IP65 Waterproof Outdoor Security Lighting (White))
Product Highlights:
  • ultra bright outdoor solar lights - the ameritop solar security light with the three heads design, produce up to 1600lm 6000k high brightness output and good heat dissipation, which is far brighter than other similar led solar lights. it is rechargeable by high efficiency solar panel, reach full charge within a few hours. compare with other solar panels, it still can obtain low current charging in the cloudy/rainy days or in areas where sunlight is insufficient.
  • larger lighting area - with the innovative wide angle and three heads design, adjustable heads can move upwards, downwards and horizontally. up to 180° wide sensing angle and 49ft sensing distance, easy to adjust the light heads, lens hoods and motion sensor to different angle as your requirement. lighting direction is adjustable with the three flexible light heads, save your trouble to install two extra light. no need for electricity, environment friendly product.
  • smart motion sensor - the solar light has daylight and motion sensor. the auto mode (dusk to dawn) auto on for pre-determined time(30s/60s/120s) when people or other living objects are detected within the sensing area, and auto off after no further motion is detected. built-in pir motion sensor of our solar lights, it has a long range of distance and a wide angle for motion detection. sensing range and sensitivity are both 20% higher than general solar lights, bringing ultimate using experience.
  • security & all weather resistant - the robust housing and impact-resistant pc lens ensures this 3 head security light fixture can stand up to the elements and bad weather. ip65 waterproof rating ensures that your 3 head security light fixture won’t give in in rain, sleet or snow weather. it's specifically designed to withstand extreme weather conditions, all weather resistant and provide additional safety and security for your home.
  • flexible & easy installation - the solar panel has 15 feet cord and can be placed almost anywhere around your house. no main power or wiring required, this easy-to-install solar panel can be fixed on any exterior wall constructed of all types of material including metal, wood or plastic. perfect for outdoor lighting and can be widely used as yard light, garage light, garden light, parking lot light, exit light, entrance light, driveway light, patio light, entryway light etc.

This solar light is ultra-bright. It has three head designs. It is far brighter than other similar LED solar lights.

Key Features:

  • It has a wide angle design to cover more area
  • Lighting direction is adjustable to prevent buying extra lights
  • It has both daylight and motion sensor to conserve battery during day time

4. LEPOWER Solar Security Lights

LEPOWER 1600LM LED Solar ( Solar Lights With 3 Adjustable Head For Yard, Garage)
Product Highlights:
  • solar powered, energy saving: the solar light outdoor powered by solar energy, no need for electricity bills and environmentally friendly. built-in rechargeable battery capacity into 2400mah can produce longer working time than other solar lights. the solar panel is amorphous silicon, it still can obtain low current charging in the cloudy/rainy days or in areas where sunlight is insufficient.
  • upgraded motion sensor lights: solar flood light outdoor can be triggered by the moving human, cars or animals up to 72ft sensing range at 180° wide detection angle.
  • super bright solar lights: the lepower solar security light with the three adjustable heads design, produces up to 1600lm 5500k high brightness. with samsung led lamp bead as the source of light and professional optical designed filter lens, provide better illumination(soft light, anti-glare) than normal chips; the lifespan will be up to 50,000hrs.
  • easy installation & ip65 waterproof: the solar lights come with longer cable - 15ft, can install it more flexible. no main power or wiring required, this is easy to install solar panel; upgraded ip65 waterproof, can be against any type of terrible weather like a rainstorm, sleet or snow, perfect for the porch, back yard, front door, garage, driveway, walkway, step, etc.
  • 3 convenient operational modes: auto mode: light comes on when detects motion and light up between 10s-120s(max). normally on mode: push the switch to "on". the solar motion light stays on about 50 min after fully charge. test mode: quick adjust and test the light before installation. light turns on for 7s in daytime or night.

This solar powered security light has a high battery capacity. The solar panel can charge even during cloudy or rainy situations. They can also work with low sunlight.

Key features:

  • It can illuminate objects as far as 72feet. 
  • It has a compartment where a camera can be installed for added security.
  • It produces up to 1600lumen for perfect illumination.

5. Outdoor Security Lights

GLORIOUSLITE Solar LED Security ( Easy To Install, IP65 Waterproof For Backyard, Porch)
Product Highlights:
  • solar flood light with high efficient solar panel: powered by solar energy, no extra electricity cost, and environment friendly. the solar security light built-in lithium-ion rechargeable battery 2400mah can last up to 90mins for night use after a full charge. the solar panel is amorphous silicon and can obtain low current charging even on cloudy/rainy days or in areas where sunlight is insufficient.
  • upgraded motion sensor outdoor light: with an upgraded motion sensor head, the solar powered security light can sense moving people, animals, cars quickly at a wide 180° detection angle. by stepless adjustable switch, you can customize the sensing distance from 0 to 72ft max & the lighting time from 0 to120 seconds max.
  • 1000lm super bright solar outdoor lights: this security light is powered by samsung led beads and supported by professional optically designed filter lenses. it produces up to 1000lm 5500k soft, anti-glare, and super bright light. the lifespan will be up to 50,000hrs.
  • three optional modes: auto mode- light up when movement is detected at night; normally on mode- the solar motion light stays on for about 90mins after being fully charged; test mode- just for a test, the solar outdoor flood light can turn on in the daytime and at night.
  • ip65 waterproof & easy to install: upgraded waterproof rating ensures the solar led security light can withstand rain, sleet, snow, or other rough weather easily. no wiring and electrician required, just tools are needed as our solar led flood light comes with a long power cord of 15ft and the solar panel is flexibly adjustable. (note: please make sure the solar panel is under sufficient or direct sunlight).

This light produces 1000lumen brightness. With proper charging, it can last up to 90 minutes. It has a solar panel with a 20ft cord.

Key Features:

  • It has a max lighting time of 120 seconds for fast illumination. 
  • It has an adjustable design up to 360o for a wide range of view.
  • It has an IP65 water resistant rating that makes it able to withstand rain

Buying Guide

Outdoor floodlights can be an important part of the home. It can help you reduce your electricity bill and cut down irritation for neighbors. Motion sensor outdoor flood light can do you a world of good. Buying solar powered motion sensor outdoor floodlights can be a tricky business. There is the obvious challenge that it is not an item that is regularly bought. Most motion sensors can look alike to a buyer if they don’t already have the properties they want in mind. To avoid these obvious challenges, here are a few things to consider when choosing a motion sensor outdoor floodlight for purchase.

1. Brightness and Security

When buying an outdoor motion sensor floodlight, you need to consider how bright you want the floodlight to be. You also want to ensure that it covers the full length of your surroundings. Make sure that it can be fixed somewhere secure so that the security item doesn’t get stolen. You also need to make sure that the sensor is very sensitive.

2. Smart Lighting

If you already have a smart powered home, you need to choose a floodlight that can be easily incorporated into your smart home system. This will help you control the motion sensors and regulate it via your existing app.

3. Exact Purpose You Want them to Fulfill

The purpose of buying a motion sensor floodlight can vary from individual. Some want them for decoration. Others want them for security while a few other people just want more visibility. Whatever category you belong in, make sure you choose the appropriate floodlight that will serve your purpose. 

4. Flexibility

When buying a motion sensor floodlight, you need to determine the kind of flexibility you want. You will have to decide if you are looking for something you will install on a wall. You might want something that looks different like a pathway light. Be sure that you have your needs figured out before you head off to the market or online store. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you bypass Motion Sensor on Outdoor floodlight?

Only little effort is required to bypass many motion sensors. However, with an additional light switch, the floodlight can be switched to permanent light if you are worried about security. 

Do Motion sensors Detect Burglars?

Light activated by motion plays an integral role in securing homes. Even if the light cannot square up to the burglar, the light can deter such a person or alert a neighbor or in house dwellers of his or her presence. This is done when the light illuminates the darkness they love to operate in. 

How Bright Should outdoor Floodlights be?

700 to 1300 lumens are required by Outdoor Flood lights. The brightness of the floodlight determines the lumen. Also the more lumens the floodlights emit, the more secure your space will be. Motion sensor flood lights require between 300 and 700 lumens.

How many Watts should carry an Outdoor light?

80 watts are required for outdoor lights found in driveway and small yards. 40watts or lower are perfect for pathways and garden bed lighting. You can be environmentally friendly by using lights with 80watts or lower. 

Are Led lights good for outdoor?

Yes. Led lights can be used outdoor all season. 

Why do led lights burnout quickly?

While they are energy efficient as they don’t generate much heat, their component can burn out rather quickly. 


One of the important things to do after getting motion sensing lights is to light the pathway at both the front and back yards. Make sure all potential hiding spots are well illuminated. You can play around with the types of motion detector sensing lights by placing them at strategic points. Remember that they can also act as decorations. Motion sensing outdoor lights are not enough security on their own. They should be complemented with other security fittings. However, they can be an effective way in preventing an amateur burglar from learning his trade on your yard.

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