Smart Garage Door Openers With Surveillance Cameras

5 Best Smart Garage Door Openers with Surveillance Cameras

Leading innovations in technology have made things much easier for everyone, and one of these winning innovations include smart garage door openers. I’m sure that like many other people, you might have had to pause at work to try to remember if you closed your garage door before leaving the house. This is a major source of concern since the FBI indicates that about 33% of break-ins happen through an opened garage door or window. With some of the best smart garage door openers outlined below, you don’t have to worry about break-ins anymore!

 5 Best-Selling Smart Garage Door Opener with Surveillance Cameras

Reviews of 5 Top Rated Smart Garage Door Opener with Surveillance Cameras

1. Alcidae Garager

Alcidae Garager 2 Remotely ( Alerts & 2 Way Audio, 1080P Clear Image, Night Vision)
Product Highlights:
  • [ complete garage solution ] - universal garage door opener remote and garage surveillance all in one. operate your garage door from the alcidae app, anywhere!
  • [ smart alerts & notifications ] - receive an alert when motion or sound is detected. sound detection (dog barking, alarms sounding) and motion detection use state-of-the-art technology to detect and send notifications to your phone. activity alerts are available free of charge.
  • [ integration, & access sharing ] - share your wi-fi camera and garage remote access with family and friends. works with alexa and google assistant
  • [ 2 way audio, night vision ] - speak with family anytime using the built-in mic and speaker. and with night vision, rest assured you’re capturing all activity even in the dark.
  • [ supports optional cloud storage ] - includes 30 day free trial for our popular cloud subscription with 7 days of cloud video playback. experience safe, secure, and protected cloud video recording

With topnotch reviews from users, the Alcidae Garager is regarded by many as the complete garage solution. It includes all that you need in a smart garage door opener and comes with even much more! Even better, it also comes with a state-of-the-art motion detector system that notifies you of movement and sounds even in the dead of night.

Key Features:

  • Night vision enabled camera
  • 2-way audio mic and speaker to communicate with family within the house
  • Integration and access sharing with family and friends

2. myQ Smart Garage Door Opener

Chamberlain Group MyQ Smart ( Kit (Key In-Garage Delivery Eligible))
Product Highlights:
  • open and close your garage door from anywhere; use your smartphone to control your garage remotely; or add more functionality to your existing garage door opener
  • in garage delivery with key by amazon (optional); prime members in select areas with a compatible myq chamberlain garage door opener can opt in to get amazon packages securely delivered right inside their garage; with the amazon cloud cam (key edition), you can even watch the delivery live through the key app or view a video clip of it later
  • securely monitor your garage (optional); connect your cloud cam to the key by amazon app. use the key app to see who comes and goes with 1080p hd video, night vision, and 2 way audio
  • receive alerts; set up customized notifications when your garage door opens or closes in real time great for busy families
  • core features included: for no additional charge, features such as opening, closing, and receiving garage door status notifications are included with the myq app

Securely monitor your garage with the myQ smart garage door opener. It is compatible with Amazon cloud cam and can be used to monitor what’s happening at all times. It features 1080p HD Video capacity, 2-way audio + talk and night vision.

Key Features:

  • Easy setup
  • Compatible with Amazon key
  • Wireless installation

3. Momentum NIRO Wi-Fi Garage Door Opener

Momentum NIRO WiFi Garage ( Storage, Remote Control With IPhone Or Android | Black)
Product Highlights:
  • smart garage controller: open and close your garage door from anywhere, anytime using the momentum phone app with 24/7 live video feed of your home in clear hd resolution with the built-in camera and 110 degree viewing angle that allows you to zoom in, take pictures, and record videos to never miss an important moment
  • 2-way audio + talk: listen and talk to anyone in your garage with the 2-way audio with built-in microphone and speaker to always stay in touch with family and friends no matter where you are
  • smart motion sensor + hd night vision: with built in infrared, (ir) allows users to see whats going on in any time of the day even in the lowest light settings to always maintain a safe and secure home while the motion detector reacts to any and all movements to safely detect if there are any threats or concerns you should know about
  • instant alerts and notifications: receive mobile alerts and notifications on your smartphone or tablet when the camera detects motion or sound and always stay up to date using the momentum app for ios 9.0+ and android 5.0+ that displays multiple camera feeds at once to keep track of your home
  • dual band installation: wire in the garage controller and connect to a 5ghz or 2.4ghz wi-fi network, allows creation of custom rules and settings. stores important data with free 30-day cloud storage or up to a 128gb micro sd card slot; works with most garage opener models after 1993 and not compatible with garage openers with security 2.0+ or myq technology

This device allows you to control your garage door from practically anywhere with the Momentum phone app. The phone app also allows you to receive instant alerts and notifications when the built-in camera senses motion or sound. You also get to listen and talk to anyone in the garage with the 2-way audio feature included.

Key Features:

  • Smart motion sensor + HD night vision
  • Dual band installation for Wi-Fi
  • 24/7 live video feed in clear HD resolution

4. Asante Garage Viewer

Asante GarageViewer Garage Camera ( Opener Combined In One)
Product Highlights:
  • instantly view streaming video (hd, 720p) of your garage and control (open/close) your garage door from your smartphone with night vision.
  • easy installation and setup process. product for internal use only.
  • compatibility with myq motors at no extra charge (please contact asante if you purchase the product and you have myq type of motor)
  • access management, add users to monitor your garage and control your garage door. take away user access when not needed.
  • control (open and close) up to two garage doors with one camera.

The Asante Garage Viewer allows you to remotely close your garage door and actually see it close irrespective of where you are. It is the ideal choice for smart garage door openers and also comes with a night-vision enabled camera that boasts as the best night view resolution in the market. You can video check your garage status at any time to see if it is left open or closed.

Key Features:

  • Voice and widget control
  • Designed light show and songs when garage is opened (the Tap Tap II is required)
  • Easy installation

5. Home8 Video-Verified Garage Door Control Relay System

Home8 VideoVerified Garage Door ( Basic Service, Featuring Amazon Alexa Integration)
Product Highlights:
  • home8 wi-fi garage door opener relay allows you to remotely monitor and instantly control (open and close) your garage door from a smart phone
  • no contracts required and free basic service. free video storage and cloud backup included. system is easy to expand to fit your specific needs for home automation, safety, and video surveillance
  • zero-pairing technology enables you to install the system in minutes. plug in devices and download the free home8 app. get started with no configuration needed
  • 24/7 intelligent recording gives you the ability to stream live hd video right to your smartphone. the system features motion detection, and night vision
  • includes 1x garage door opener relay, 1x mini cube hd camera, 1x security shuttle. some features require subscription to premium service, please refer to manufacture's website and service plan for details.

This device comes onto this list because of its unique security shuttle feature that allows you to share videos with local emergency responders at the tap of one button in cases of an emergency. What’s more, videos sent are backed with double-router firewalls and an anti-sniffing software system to protect your privacy.

Key Features:

  • Live video collaboration
  • Integrated with Amazon Alexa
  • Easy installation in minutes

Buying Guide

It’s true that making smart choices is a difficult process. If you’re not careful, you might get swayed by the glamour of devices and the sweet talk of salesmen who are only looking to sell their products to anyone. It is important that you are very clear on what you want, specifications that suit your needs and style. Below are some salient points to evaluate when choosing your smart garage door openers.

1. Smart home integration

It is not just enough to have different smart devices in your home. The idea of a smart home entails a situation where all of the smart devices work together seamlessly. The best smart door garage openers are not just limited to the garage door alone, most of them come with some other amazing features that can be used inside your home. As a result, it is essential that your choice smart garage door opener has the ability to synchronize well with other smart home devices.

2. Wi-Fi

Most smart garage openers are set up via Wi-Fi connections, so you need to make sure that there is enough bandwidth to maintain a stable and secure connection. It is also necessary to choose a smart device that is stable enough to handle additional connection by other family members without hassle.

3. Compatibility

This is the primary feature you must watch out for. Depending on whether you already have an automatic garage door installed or not, your choices might change. When selecting your garage door opener, ensure that you go for one that is compatible with your garage door, whether it is automatic or manual. The manufacturer pack should include those door models that their product is compatible with so you can make the right choice.

4. Easy Installation

No one wants to waste too much time on installing smart garage door openers with cameras. Ease and efficiency should be the watchword when selecting your smart garage door openers. This way, you can easily set them up and adjust them at any time based on your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can more than one person control my smart garage door opener?

Yes. You can do this by adding them to the list of users when setting up your smart garage door opener.

Do all door openers work with Alexa?

Unfortunately, not all smart garage door openers are compatible with Alexa. It is essential that you choose smart garage doors that are compatible with other smart devices in your home.

Will I be alerted if my garage door is left open for too long?

The best smart garage door openers will send you a notification or alert when it is sensed that your garage door has been left open for a long time.

Do I have to be close to home before I can open my garage door?

Ideally, no. Smart garage door openers can be controlled remotely over a long distance.

How do 2-way audio features work?

With 2-way audio, you can easily communicate with whoever is in your garage and also listen to what they say.


Everything has become automated these days. Smart homes are the new craze everywhere and there are different devices that claim to sell the best features that have been tailored to suit your needs. While there are durable and efficient smart garage door openers out there, it is important that you do not get swept up in all of the glamor and lose sight of what is really important – efficiency and security.

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