Smart Power Strips With Surge Protectors

5 Best Smart Power Strips with Surge Protectors

Standard power strips are a sensible technique to broaden the amount of electrical outlets in your home. However, they might encourage you to leave appliances connected to power outlets all the time, which is not a good option – since you want to conserve energy to reduce those light bills. Most home appliances have standby modes that still draw power even when they are turned off. On the other hand, smart power strips lessen your power usage by shutting down power to home appliances that go into standby mode. The best smart power strips also feature surge protectors and some of them are outlined below.

5 Best-Selling Smart Power Strips with Surge Protectors

Reviews of 5 Top Rated Smart Power Strips with Surge Protectors

1. TECKIN Smart Power Strip

Smart Power Strip WiFi ( Charging Ports And Smart AC Plugs For Multi Outlets)
Product Highlights:
  • remote control. once this smart power strip is connected successfully, you can control the power of your electrical items on/off by the free app (smart life). even you are not at home, you can easily control your home electronics on or off from anywhere. also, you can control the switch separately via your phone. easy to use and install, required a secured 2.4ghz wi-fi connection.
  • voice control. compatible with amazon alexa, google home assistant, control your home appliances with the smart plug by simply giving voice commands to alexa or google assistant. no hub required, the smart power strip works with any wi-fi router without the need for a separate hub or paid subscription service.
  • multiple safeguards. teckin smart power strip is ul approved and it is made of high quality materials. support 110~240v, 10a maximum load. circuit breaker automatically breaks off when the current exceeds threshold, preventing plugged-in high temperature devices from damages. pcv0 materials can protect your home safely.
  • set schedule and timer. schedule the smart power strip to automatically power electronics on and off as needed, like setting lights to come on at dusk or turn off at sunrise. you can create a group for all of your smart devices and control them all with just one command. with the countdown timer feature, simply set a timer for the smart power strip to turn off its appliance automatically.
  • warm tips. please feel free to contact us via amazon if you have any problems with teckin products.

One of the winning features of this smart device is that it is Amazon Alexa certified, and it also works perfectly with Google Assistant. It is manufactured with multiple safeguards and is made of high quality materials that aid durability. This smart power strip can also be scheduled to automatically turn on or off at your specified time.

Key Features:

  • Overload protection function
  • No hub required
  • Remote control

2. Kasa Smart Plug Power Strip

Kasa Smart HS300 Plug ( Alexa Echo & Google Home, No Hub Required)
Product Highlights:
  • 6 smart outlets: independently control 6 smart outlets, and charge 3 devices with built in usb ports; ideal for controlling electronics in your home, home office, or small business
  • surge protection: etl certified surge protection shields sensitive electronics and appliances from sudden power surges that can occur during weather storms and cause irreparable damage
  • energy monitoring : monitor how much energy devices connected to the power strip consume; check on each one from your kasa smart app and turn off ones that are using too much power
  • control from anywhere: control connected devices from anywhere with the kasa smart app. power up your office remotely and even your holiday lights from the app
  • voice control: remotely control your smart plug and use voice commands with alexa, google assistant, or microsoft cortana. plug type:3-prong plug

This smart power strip comes with an ETL certified surge protection feature that protects sensitive electronic gadgets from unprecedented power surges. It features remote control from just about anywhere and also features voice integration compatible with Microsoft Cortana, Google Home and Alexa. This smart power strip gives users 6smart outlets that can be controlled independently and also features USB ports too!

Key Features:

  • Energy monitoring
  • No hub required
  • Set individual or collective schedules

3. Gosund Smart Plug Smart Power Strip

Gosund Smart Power Strip ( Charging Ports For Home Office Desk Tablets 10A, White)
Product Highlights:
  • voice or remote control: smarter than normal power strip, gosund smart power strip works with amazon alexa, and google home; remote control from everywhere via your phone; easy to install and use, no hub required alexa accessories. share with your family and they can also enjoy controlling home appliances.
  • space saving: gosund smart power strip is compact designed but multi-fuction desk top smart plugs. 3 smart outlets and 3 usb ports(total ouput up to 3.1a). able to expand usage quite a bit without too much space, ideal desktop power strip for your fan, humidifier, cell phone, iphone, ipad, tablet, kindle, lamp, camera, save your space and make your desktop organized. great option for office, bedside table or college student.
  • independent control: 3 wifi smart plugs can control independently or together, and 3 usb ports are controlled as a one unit. not only you can turn on/off the electrical appliances connected to the socket individually, and also can turn off all the electrical appliances at one click when you are leaving or not using. very convenient.
  • surge protector & air circuit breaker: etl and fcc certified surge protector and air circuit breaker is a plus for protecting electronics and appliances, such as computer or tv, from the sudden huge energy and cause irreparable damage. high quality super thick 4ft power cord. 10a maximum load smart plug. special fire-proof and anti-ultraviolet materials, so that the product will not be ignited, safe and reliable, long-term use will not turn yellow.
  • set schedule & timer: gosund smart power strip can schedule each outlet individually or in group to power on/off automatically based on your time routines. schedule can be repeated daily or weekly.

If you’re looking for convenience, this smart power strip is your go-to. Like all topnotch smart power strips, it features an ETL and FCC certified surge protector. What’s more, the three outlets can be controlled independently or collectively based on your specifications.

Key Features:

  • Air circuit breaker
  • Alexa integration
  • Compact and lightweight for easy transportation

4. AHRISE Smart Power Strip

Smart Plug Power Strip ( 24W Total), 6ft Extension Cord, 1875W/15A, Black)
Product Highlights:
  • multi-function smart power strip(2.4g wifi only): 4 usb charging ports (5v/4.8a 24w), 4 smart outlets and 4 always on outlets with built-in surge protector 1680 joules, the 3 alexa smart outlets works with alexa google assistant for voice control, remote control your home appliances from anywhere, note: please make sure you have 2.4g wifi before buying, this product does not support 5g wifi network and not work with encrypted wifi networks, or open end public networks with no password.
  • set schedule & timer with app control : remote control your home appliances from anywhere, schedule the smart plug to automatically power electronics on and off as needed, like setting lights to come on at dusk or turn off at sunrise. you can create a group for all of your smart devices and control them all with just one command. with the countdown timer feature, simply set a timer for the smart plug to turn off its appliance automatically. each of the plugs can be controlled by the app separa
  • voice control with alexa & google home: compatible with amazon alexa, google home assistant , control your home appliances with the smart plug by simply giving voice commands to alexa or google assistant.
  • usb charging station: 4 usb charging ports total 5v/4.8a 24w.. it can charge almost any usb device (smartphone, tablet, amazon kindle, fire stick, e-reader, bluetooth headphones, portable speaker etc). note: the usb ports and the 4 always on outlets will be on once the outlet is plugged in, they are not controlled by the app.
  • our support guarantee: our friendly and reliable customer service will respond to you within 24 hours. you can purchase with confidence, with our 30-day money back guarantee and 12-month replacement warranty

Smart power strips with surge protector are a very efficient way to conserve energy consumption and safeguard your home appliances from power surges. This multi-function smart power strip can be scheduled to automatically power your gadgets on and off as needed. It also lets you remotely control your electronics from just about anywhere.

Key Features:

  • 1680 joules surge protector
  • Multiple security protection
  • USB charging station

5. APC Smart Plug Surge Protector

APC Smart Plug WiFi ( Total, 2160 Joule Surge Protector Black)
Product Highlights:
  • 5 wifi smart plugs: 3 surge protected smart outlets, plus 2 smart usb charger ports (2.4a shared) that can be independently controlled by alexa or the apchome app
  • 3 standard surge protector outlets, and 2 standard usb charging ports (2.4a shared)
  • 2160 joules of surge protection (inlcudes ul certification) to guard connected electronics from the most powerful surges
  • alexa smart plug voice control. or access the smart plugs from your phone via the free apchome app, and control from anywhere (wifi required, but no hub needed)
  • scheduling: devices connected to the wifi outlet, such as lighting, small household devices and other electronics, can be scheduled to turn on or turn off automatically via the apc home app, available from the apple app and google play stores

The most important feature of this smart plug is that it is very easy to install, especially when you’re just starting out your smart home. It features 3 standard surge protector outlets that is backed by a lifetime warranty. Alexa voice integration is also a winning feature, and you can also remotely control power from wherever you are via the free APC home app.

Key Features:

  • Simple Wi-Fi setup
  • UL-Certified surge protection
  • Alexa voice integration

Buying Guide

One of the most disappointing events in life is having your primary electronic devices destroyed by a power surge. More than needed voltage is sure to pass through your power outlets at some point in time and you need to have a backup plan for when that happens. Smart power strips with surge protectors are an efficient way to prevent damage and conserve energy, and the smart home industry is lush with different options for you to choose from. It is essential that you are definite in what exactly you are searching for, so you won’t get carried away by all of the glamor. Here are some key points to watch out for when selecting smart power strips with surge protectors.

1. Connectivity

This is the mainframe of all smart homes and affiliated devices. The kind of connection options your smart home runs on should be taken note of when choosing smart power strips. Compatibility with other smart devices is a must, so as to aid smooth running and synchronization of your smart home.

2. Outlets

This is the major feature of all smart power strips. When choosing power strips, it is essential that you consider the number of outlets you need and what type of outlets that are compatible with your home appliances and gadgets. Added features like USB ports and outlets that fit a wide range of devices are a huge plus. It goes without saying that you have wasted your money if your electronics cannot be successfully plugged into your smart power strips because they don’t fit or the number of outlets are too small.

3. Value of home appliances

Basically your decision should be hinged on the value of electronic gadgets and appliances you want to protect. Smart surge protectors come in different sizes and capacities, and it is essential that you choose one that is tailored to meet your needs. For example, you might not need a surge protector to protect gadgets you can easily do away with, but you definitely need one to protect appliances that cost a ton of money.

Frequently Asked Questions

What devices can be plugged into a surge protector?

This varies depending on the capacity of surge protector you are using. Computers and other home equipment can be plugged in.

Will my surge protector last forever?

Unfortunately, no. Surge protectors take a little bit of damage with each power surge rerouted away from your equipment. It is like a shield and is subject to wear and tear.

What joule rating is the best?

The best smart power strips that feature a surge protector have a rating of 2000 joules and above.

Can smart power strips be remotely controlled?

Yes, they can. All you have to do is follow the manufacturer instructions.

Do all smart power strips have voice integration?

Yes. The best smart power strips feature Alexa and Google Assistant voice integration so that they can be controlled with simple voice commands.

What number of outlets should my smart power strip have?

This depends on personal choice. There are a vast range of smart power strips that come with a varying number of outlets. Choose what works best for you.


Power surges can be very dangerous (can destroy an entire hardware system). Most people are not aware of the kind of danger they are exposed to when a power surge happens. Smart power strips with a tested and trusted surge protector is a must for every smart home. Make the smart decision today!

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