Voice Control Home Automation

Voice Control Home Automation: How to Control Your Smart Home Using Voice

We live in a world where every aspect of our lives goes smart every day. Today, you can make your home smarter by using voice assistants to control devices in your home. Just think about all the stress it’ll save you if you could switch off the lights in your living room from your bedroom without moving an inch. 

You’re excited about that, right? This article will show you how to enable voice control in your home by following just a few steps. 

There are many different voice assistants in the market, but we’ll be looking at the biggest three. 

  • Google Assistant
  • Siri 
  • Alexa 

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Keep reading to discover how to make your home smarter with any of the three voice assistants above. 

How to Add Voice Control to Smart Devices Using Google Assistant 

To begin, you’ll need to have the Google Home App. If you don’t have one, you’ll have to download it. It’s free, and it has an Andriod and iOS version. When you’ve downloaded and set up the app, you’ll also have to do the same for the smart device you bought. 

Every smart device comes with its app, and you’ll need to get it up and running before you can hitch the Google Assistant to it. 

When you’ve got these two apps up and running separately, it’s time to link them up. Follow the steps below to add voice control to your smart device using Google Assistant. 

  • Open the home screen on Google Home. You’ll see an ADD button. Click on it and choose “Set up device” from the menu that comes up.
  • You’ll see an option for “Have something already set up?” Click on it, and Google Assistant would display all brands that have partnered Google and are Google Assistant-enabled. Go through the list carefully and pick the smart device you want to set up.
  • You’ll find a login portal for that device. Input the login credentials from your smart device, and the specific device would show up. 
  • Once you choose the specific device you’re working with, a new screen will show up where you can now add the device to specific rooms. 

And with 4 steps, you can easily use Google Assistant to voice- control your home. When you want to use the voice control option you’ve enabled, there are two ways. 

  • You can use your smart speaker to control your home. For example, if you’d like to turn off the lights in the kitchen, you can say it to your smart speaker, and the lights would be turned off. 
  • You can use Google Home to control the smart device via the app. 

How to Add Voice Control to Smart Devices Using Siri

Unlike Google Assistant – the Apple Home Pod, which is an equivalent of the Google Home – already comes with pre-installed in all Apple devices so you won’t need to download it again. To make things easy for you, you should consider buying the Apple smart speaker, the Home Pod. 

The Apple Home Pod is a great home hub device with a powerful mic and speaker. In functionality as a speaker, it isn’t exactly up to the quality of Amazon’s Alexa or Google’s Home assistant, but it still functions pretty well. 

The main advantage of using Siri to enable voice control is that the setup process is relatively easy. You don’t need to go through the process of setting up the Home pod as it has already been set up by Apple. 

The next steps are few and easy to follow. 

  • Before you start anything, make sure that the Apple keychain is activated. 
  • Then, switch on the two-factor authentication that provides extra Protection. 
  • Put on your Bluetooth. 
  • Link the device to your home Wi-Fi router 

All you have to look out for is the wireless icon on your smart device to be sure it’s connected. If it is connected, then you’d have to hold your Apple device up to the device for integration.

If your device doesn’t show the wireless icon, you’ll have to use the device to scan the code from the Home kit. When the home pod app recognizes the device, it’ll automatically begin the process of integrating the device to the home app. 

After the integration process, you can then add any device to any room, just like it is done with Google Assistant. 

Note that some devices might require you to enable Siri control voice option before you can use Siri’s voice control. To do that, go to the device setting and enable Siri Control Voice. The steps above only work for devices that partner Apple. 

How to Add Voice Control to Smart Devices Using Alexa

Of all the three digital assistants talked about in this article, Alexa has the best functionality. Note that not all devices are compatible with Alexa, and you should look out for that before purchasing your smart device. If it is compatible with Alexa, you’ll see it written, “Works with Alexa.” 

There is a wide range of Amazon Echo devices that you can get. They include;

  • Echo plus Second Generation 
  • Echo Dot their Generation 
  • Echo Show Second Generation. 
  • Echo Spot. 

Any of these Amazon echo speakers work perfectly well for voice control so you can get whichever one suits you. 

The first thing to do is set up the smart device you’ve already gotten with its app, just like you did for Google Assistant. After that, you need to link the smart device with your home Wi-Fi network. 

Next, install Alexa skills on your device. The instructions for doing this would be clear once you have the app. When you’ve finished setting up Alexa skills, open the menu tab, and click on skills and games, then follow the instructions below. 

  • Ask Alexa to discover your devices. You can do this by saying, “Alexa, find my devices,” or you can click on the devices tab and click on the plus symbol. 
  • When your devices show up, you can rename them for easy identification before you group your devices. 
  • To group your devices, click on the plus symbol under Devices and tap on Add Group
  • You’ll see Choose Smart Home Group. Click on it then select the devices you want to group. 

With Alexa device grouping, you can use a single voice command to control all the lights in all the rooms. There’s a lot you can do with Alexa voice control, including setting up routines. 

Whatever voice assistants you use, enabling voice control is easy and convenient. So don’t be left out. Enable voice control today and make your home smarter.   

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