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5 Best Waterproof Smart Doorbells

Why even consider purchasing a Smart Door Bell?  Well, if you currently have no home security at all, it’s probably the most inexpensive item you could choose, and also the easiest to install.  It’s the perfect “beginner” piece that can be as simple or as complex as you want.  Let’s start with simple.

Smart Door Bells: The Waterproof Option

Of all the many options you have to consider before selecting a Smart Door Bell, deciding if you need a waterproof model or not may be the easiest.  This feature doesn’t seem to effect the cost of any of the door bells researched here, so it really just comes down to your own particular situation.  And the answer to a simple question can easily clear up your particular “situation” – where will you install your Smart Door Bell?

If you own a home, chances are you’ll want to install the door bell near the main outer door.  Even if the entryway is somewhat sheltered (say, by an open roofed deck), weather can and probably will be a factor.  Opting for the waterproofing seems a good idea.  Ask yourself “Why not?”.  Going through all the time and cost to install your Smart Door Bell, only to find that it became corrupted because you failed to select a waterproof model, would be upsetting.  So avoid the stress – get a waterproof one.

The same holds true if you rent in a situation where there’s a single outdoor entrance.  Perhaps you have a room in a home, where the common rooms are shared by other tenants?  One good idea might be to ask the landlord to install a Smart Door Bell, in which case perhaps suggest he/she get a waterproof one.  Or, you could ask if you could purchase and install one yourself.  By asking first, the landlord knows that you own the door bell (unless you mutually decide to deduct it from your rent).  If you decide to pay the cost yourself, keep your receipts!  The important thing here is that Smart Door Bells are fairly easy to install, and are equally easy to uninstall.  It can move with you.  So if you decide to purchase one yourself, select a model with a waterproof option.  Who knows where your next move will take you?

What if you live in an apartment?  Or a senior living situation?  Or a college dorm room?  Or any other type of home where your front door is just one of many others, sheltered within a honeycomb of rooms and doors?  Why would a Smart Door Bell with waterproofing matter to you?

In many, or even most cases, it wouldn’t.  My mother lived in a retirement home for years, on the 6th floor.  She wanted a Smart Door Bell so she wouldn’t have to go to the door every time someone rang,  asking for donations for one thing or another, but she wasn’t concerned with flooding.  Or some kind of storm ruining her door bell.  Still, I bought and installed one that was waterproof.  Why?  Because I did my research and found that the waterproofing was basically a free option.  So, why not?  If my mother’s situation changed, I could take the unit with her, and install it again.  And maybe the fact that it was waterproof would be more important at that time.  Many Smart Door Bells have options you can add in.  Waterproofing isn’t one of them.

Living within a sheltered home might make the fact that it’s “waterproof” insignificant.  It shouldn’t be.  It’s one of very few options available that are basically free.  It’s like an add-on inducement to purchase a certain model.  Just keep in mind that your future home may change, and you might regret that your Smart Door Bell isn’t waterproof.

Also, in doing research on this option, I found that there were terms that were a bit misleading.  “Waterproof” versus “Water Resistant”.  The last seemed to be a bit vague.  Exactly how “resistant”? For some reason, I began thinking of watches.  I have had several watches that have been ruined because I wore them in the shower, or accidently dunked them into the dish water.  In both circumstances, it was just a quick dunk into water, but the results were the same – the watch stopped working.  So if a Smart Door Bell states it’s “water resistant”, maybe look a bit further for a waterproof one.

Ring” seems to be one of the biggest selling brands of Smart DoorBells as of 2020, but it’s also the most expensive.   There are several ways in which you can protect any Smart Door Bell against adverse weather, no matter what brand you choose.  That being said, I could find very few Smart Door Bells that actually stated they were totally waterproof, but we found a few.   So when in doubt, ask.  Most sites that sell Smart Door Bells have a place where you can ask the seller questions, and you should take advantage of this feature.  Once you decide on a model you want to purchase, save your emails and all receipts you receive from your purchase.  

5 Best Waterproof Smart Doorbells

Here are some Smart Video Door Bells that are worth checking out.

1.  Kalogl IP5 – Waterproof and Dustproof. 

A small unit that’s easy to install.  Nice price point, and this one actually states that it’s waterproof. 

2.  Sado Tech – A very basic door bell.  Waterproof. 

3.  Lovin Product – Waterproof plus many extra features. 

4.  Sado Tech – Ultimate Waterproof Smart Door Bell. 

5.  USA Smart Door Bell – Waterproof, plus many other functions/options. 

These are just five waterproof options that I found, all well under $100.00.  Some are very basic, others have several other options available.  As stated previously here, the waterproof factor is really a very basic choice you’ll need to consider when choosing your Smart Door Bell, but it is a factor none the less.  It’s one of those things that you might just gloss over, and regret later.  

One other thing to consider is buying a previously owned or refurbished Smart Door Bell.  Sites like Amazon have this option (just include ‘refurbished’ in the search bar).  By purchasing a “refurbished” door bell, you might get quite a bargain.  With most electronics, sellers are just upgrading and selling off the items they no longer need.  This could be a golden opportunity for you to try out a Smart Door Bell at a reasonable price, see if it’s something you want, and if not, you can always re-sell it and upgrade yourself.  Plus, sites like Amazon and BestBuy are usually very descriptive, have simple ways to ask the Seller questions, and are very Buyer friendly – if you’re not happy with a purchase, you can return the item for a full refund.  Just another option to consider.

To wrap it up, a Smart Door Bell is a good choice as a beginning to a home security system, or as an addition to a security suite.  Whenever possible, choose a waterproof model – not a “water resistant” one.  Shop around.  Do your research. 

Yeah, it’s just a door bell.  But it’s a really nice door bell.  Don’t forget to take it with you if and when you move.

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