Benefits of Smart Locks

Why you should Install a Smart Lock?

In an age where we use smartphones for almost everything, it makes sense that smart technology has transformed traditional doors into smart doors that enable you to lock and unlock without a key. 

When it comes to locking a front door, a traditional lock works just fine. However, a Smart Lock works more conveniently and gives an added security to your front door. 

Why to use a smart lock?

How Does a Smart Lock Work?

A smart lock is usually paired with the Bluetooth device or Wi-Fi on your Smartphone. Depending on the smart lock model, you can open the door by waving in front of the door. Other ways include tapping a control on an app or pressing the lock with your finger.

What’s more, some smart lock models are made to auto-lock once you walk out! Also, smart locks allow you to send virtual keys to your family, close friends, guests, workers for a specific period. 

If you have a video doorbell and you get an unexpected visitor who doesn’t have a virtual lock, you can grant them entry via a real-time video chat!

Do Smart Locks Need Power?

Most smart locks use batteries that power the wireless chip and led lights. They also come with a motor that locks and unlock the door. The quality of the batteries you use will determine how long it will last. 

As a smart lock user, I recommend the Energizer Industrial batteries. However, you may want to test out different batteries yourself.

Things to Note before Installing Smart Locks

1. Is Your Door Compatible?

Not every door works with a smart lock. Smart locks ensure your deadbolt can lock and unlock automatically. However, if you need to push and pull to lock your door, then a smart lock won’t work efficiently. Make sure your door can move in a swift motion before installing a smart lock. 

2. Do You Want to Replace Your Deadbolt or Add to It?

If you want to keep your traditional deadbolt, you can get a smart lock “conversion kit” that changes your regular deadbolt into a smart lock. 

An example is the Kwikset’s Convert smart lock or August Smart Lock. You can install this over your existing deadbolt. 

Kwikset Smart Deadbolt

3. Get Permission from Your Landlord 

If you have a landlord, make sure you speak with them first, as changing your locks might be against the rental contract. 

Smart Locks Options

Smart locks have different features and models. There are smart locks with keyless features, Bluetooth options, WiFi options, fingerprint options, face ID options, voice recognition options, and more!

Smart locks like August Smart Lock can be controlled via the August’s smartphone app. Also, it supports Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit, and Amazon Alexa

Yale’s WiFi plus Bluetooth Assure and WiFi-only Linus both have an alternative touchscreen keypad entry.

Lockitron Bolt is an affordable brand and connects only via Bluetooth. 

Schlafe Sense Smart Deadbolt can be connected with your Apple Tools kit and can be opened with Siri Voice command. It also includes a keypad to unlock manually.

Schlafe Sense Smart Deadbolt

Benefits of Smart Locks

According to reports, 28 percent of Americans misplace their keys at least once a week. Smart locks are keyless solutions for your doors! Some benefits of smart locks include:

A Keyless Solution 

You only need your phone to control your door locks. No more carrying keys, misplacing keys, or wondering where to keep your keys.

After a smart lock has been professionally installed, you download the app that connects your door to the smartphone. By pressing a button on your phone, you can access or lock your home.

Advanced Security 

Smart locks guarantee maximum security. You don’t need to worry about theft or someone breaking into your home. Also, with smart locks, you can monitor suspicious activity by turning your smart lock into a full home security system. 

Presence Detention 

Some Smart locks have features that detect your presence and act accordingly. You can also program the smart lock to identify others. An example of a popular smart lock with face recognition feature is ZKTeco Keyless Smart Lock.

E-keys and Temporary Access

How many times have you stayed in because you were expecting a delivery or some other service providers? Or kept the keys under the doormat or flower vase so they could access it? 

With smart locks, you can allow close relative access to your home by distributing e-keys. If you have Airbnb clients, service providers, friends, or family that come over often, this is the perfect solution for you. 

You Never Have to Worry If You Locked the Door

Sometimes, we often can’t remember if we locked the door or not. Thanks to the advent of smart locks, you can view your door lock status via your phone. Also, you can lock your door from your phone in case you forgot to lock it.

Also, some smart locks have the auto-lock feature, so when you leave your door open, it locks automatically. 

Convenient for Elderly and People with Disabilities

Smart locks are a perfect solution for older adults and PWDs! However, not all smart locks fit the elderly. So you should go for smart locks designed with older people in mind. Some effective smart locks for older adults include Danalock V3 Bluetooth Smart Lock, KwiksetDefender Security Satin, and so much more.

In conclusion, Smart locks offer several benefits, and they are the perfect alternative to traditional locks, especially in terms of security and convenience. However, before installing a smart lock, make sure you understand what you want and choose the one most comfortable for you.

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